"Girl and a Gun" Premiere


Girl and a Gun premiered in October 2020 as part of the drama program at the LA Short's International Film Festival.

Syd stars as Birdie, a young artist who finds herself in a life changing moment when her older mentor, Roger, crosses a boundary. This is not a story about a violent assault but rather a more subtle aggression that will stay with Birdie for years to come.

"Murderabiliac" Festival Run


This horror short by writer/director, Richard Karpala, premiered at FilmQuest 2019 where Syd was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.


It was then a part of the "Eat My Shorts" Showcase at Beyond Fest 2019, "The Shorts are Coming from Inside the House" at the Austin Film Festival 2019, and the "Horror-on-Sea" Film Festival 2020.

For her performance, Syd was called "a cuter version of Shelly Duval in The Shining."

"Closer to God" Short Film

Every Halloween, filmmaker John Hein takes a crew out to a remote location to create a horror short.

October 2019, Syd joined the team to tell this story about a Christian retreat group who is haunted by a murderous Black Metal band.

"Her Smoke Rose Up Forever" Opening Scene

This scene written by Jill Dudley, and directed by Paige Saucyn (creators of Perpetual Productions, an independent storytelling company), was a finalist to receive the Women Making A Scene filmmakers grant.

Her Smoke Rose Up Forever is a mystery/drama chronicling the days leading up to Rainn Darrow vanishing without a trace from her nowhere desert town.

"What We Don't Say" Teaser

Syd collaborated with writer/director, Esther Zeilig, to workshop a short film exploring the relationship between a young biracial couple.


Against the backdrop of a disorienting New Year’s Eve party, the couple must grapple with tensions from their past.​